Mindpower BOOST™
Boost Your Mindpower & Join The 1%
With Direct Access to Stéph & Shay, and Curated Mindpower Techniques to Help You Achieve Your Big Effing Goals, Build Mental Toughness, and BE RESILIENT
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Boost Your Mindpower & Join The 1%
Live Mentor Sessions and On-Demand Trainings with World-Renown Celebrity Coaches, Stéph & Shay. Achieve Your Goals in Half the Time and Leave People Wondering How You Did It.

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Reignite Your Fire!

When you join BOOST, you get 13+ years of curated content and Live Mentor Sessions with us, Stéph & Shay, that helped other members of the Mindpower Tribe become the best versions of themselves, develop incredible confidence, and achieve their Big Effing Goals.

Study at your own pace, light that fire on a daily basis, and grow at your best pace with our content, challenges, and monthly Live Mentor Sessions.

Your BOOST Membership Includes:

 Monthly Live Mentor Sessions w/ Stéph & Shay

Access to On-Demand Mindpower Trainings & Courses

Course Workbooks, eBooks, Guided Meditations & Visualizations

1. Monthly Live Mentor Sessions with Stéph & Shay

Nobody succeeds alone. The most elite people in the world have a mentor or a coach. Join other like-minded BOOST Tribe members in monthly calls, ask questions, and get personalized action steps to achieve your Big Effing Goals from us.

Valued at: $25,000

Our next Live Mentor Session is happening soon:

May 17th at 6:30pm MT.

Join Mindpower BOOST to get access to this event
PLUS new Live Mentor Sessions events every month!

2. Mindpower Mindsets Training

Tired of having to constantly fight your mind just to stay on track and get rid of your self-doubt?

Increase your certainty meter, develop unshakeable confidence, and achieve your goals with the innovative methodologies in the Mindpower Coaching™ Mindsets Training.

"The Mental Toughness Challenge and Mindpower State are both amazing! Thanks, Stéph & Shay!"
-Tracie Cantu

Valued at: $997

Definitely adding 'Mindpower State' to my calendar and routine. You guys rock!  Thanks Stéph and Shay!
Samantha Rose

3. Create Your Success Visualization Mini-Course

Do you have trouble achieving your goals?

In this mini-course, Shay shows you how the elite people of the Mindpower Tribe prime their minds in a visualization technique that uses total-body immersion to re-ignite their fires everyday and achieve their Big Effing Goals.

Valued at: $297

The coaching and exercises are so powerful and bring you to a conscious awareness of what is important to you and help you to define your own success in life regardless of what stage or mindset you are at. 
Ronald Williams

4. Create Your Success Guided Meditation

Can you see yourself achieving your goals or do you feel a lump in your throat when you think about it?

With this meditation, you’ll tap into the secret of every high-performer’s success by setting your mind to take massive action, develop 100% certainty, become RESILIENT, and achieve your Big Effing Goals.

This meditation is a perfect addition to your morning routine, no matter where you are. But it also works on its own for when you need to reignite your fire.

Valued at: $97

The meditation was crazy good! I came out of that wondering where have I been for the past 20 years?
Ephriam Barlow

5. Morning Routine For Mental Toughness Mini-Course

Does your morning routine force you to skip breakfast?

This quick nine-minute routine primes your mind, helps you focus, makes you more resilient and BOOSTS your energy better than any other morning routine we've tried!

It's the perfect routine for an obsessive high-performer, like you, trying to make the most out of their time.

"I have been following the Morning Routine for Mental Toughness daily for approximately 4 months now and it makes me feel ALIVE. It helps me start my day full of energy and with amazing self-belief."
-Janis Merrill

Valued at: $297

I did the morning routine for the first time this morning.  I felt energized and it gave me confidence that I would be able to get everything I needed to get done done today.
Elaine Ferguson

6. Your Mindpower Journey eBook

No matter what tools you use, you can always benefit from a handy user manual. Your mind isn’t any different.

The Mindpower Journey eBook is a user manual for your mind that will help you get crystal clear on what you want, BOOST your mental toughness and fast-track your success with quick, easy-to-do exercises that help you build 100% certainty and light your fire on a daily basis.

Valued at: $9

If you want to Elevate your life to the Next Level, this is the book for you! They provide exercises that you can do to increase your Mental Toughness. This should be in your top 5 list of books to read next!
Sabeena Bubber

7. Future Updates & Resources

With BOOST, you don’t just get direct access to us with the Live Mentor Sessions, you also get consistent updates with new resources, trainings, visualizations, and mini-courses to keep your fire burning and help you live your life to the fullest.

This is your chance to join an evolving, elite-level membership without paying elite-level prices.

Instead, you can join BOOST today for just $997.

And, for a limited time, we’re also opening up a 3 and 7 installment plan to make it easier for you to join us.

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Total Value = $26,697

Your Membership Gives You the Boost You Need to Reignite Your Fire and Join the Small Group of High-Performers Living Their Best Lives.

Enrollment Options

*All the options are per year per seat.

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Pay $997 today

3 Installments of


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Pay $197 today then 6 additional monthly installments of $197
My productivity is going up for sure, but the best part is the fact that I am already feeling less stressed and more fulfilled from just day-to-day activities!
Michelle Darna
All Enrollment Options Include:
Monthly Mentor Sessions with Stéph & Shay
Courses and Trainings
Workbooks, eBooks & Guided Meditations
Ongoing Access to Future Courses & Resources
Access to the Stéph & Shay Training Vault
Ongoing Support
Cancel Anytime
I truly owe it to you both. My mindset, my body, health, and soul are all aligned with the work I did with you. It’s changed my whole outlook on life, family, and work. It’s been a real game-changer for me in all aspects of my life. Since being mentored by you two I’ve worked more, played more, made more, and loved more. Thank you Stéph & Shay!
Luisa Hough, #1 Mortgage Broker in ALL of Canada
Answers before you ask
What is Mindpower BOOST?
Mindpower Boost is an annual membership program with monthly Live Mentor Sessions plus access to a curated collection of mindset and success resources that will help you become the best version of yourself, build your confidence, and achieve your Big Effing Goals.
I’ve taken Mindpower Breakthrough. Do I need Mindpower BOOST?
Yes you should still enroll in Mindpower BOOST! Mindpower Breakthrough is one of our flagship programs that takes you on an immersive, 8-week experience that breaks you through to the next level of your personal and professional life. But we only open Mindpower Breakthrough a few times a year. Mindpower BOOST is a membership program designed to keep you performing at a high level between breakthroughs so you don’t drift and go back to where you started.
What’s the difference between Private Mindpower Coaching with Stéph & Shay and Mindpower BOOST?
Private Mindpower Coaching with Stéph & Shay is over $100K per year and you get 2 one-on-one sessions per month with Stéph or Shay. Mindpower BOOST gives you 1 Live Mentor Session per month with Stéph and Shay for a fraction of their private coaching fees. You can become part of the 1% by investing about 1% of the amount of their Private Mindpower Coaching fees.
How many hours do you need to have available for Mindpower BOOST?
There are no requirements for this program. You have the opportunity to attend 1 Live Mentor Session with Stéph & Shay every month, and we recommend spending 10 minutes a day working on your Mindpower for best results. You have access to On-Demand Trainings which includes some of our best resources. We recommend starting with the 9-minute morning routine to build a really simple foundation over the next 30 days.
I'm IN! Where do I find details for the Mindpower BOOST Dashboard?
Upon signing up, you’ll receive an email to complete your registration to the Stéph & Shay Training Vault. Then, you just need to follow the instructions sent to you. If you already have access to your Training Vault, you’ll see a section with your access link to the Mindpower BOOST Dashboard on the homepage of the Training Vault. 
When are the Live Mentor Sessions with Stéph & Shay?
The Live Mentor Sessions happen once a month on the 3rd Wednesday of every month. You’ll see a golden button to join the sessions first thing on your Mindpower BOOST dashboard.
What if I can’t attend a Live Mentor Session?
If for any reason you can’t attend or want to review a Live Mentor Session, you can catch the replay by following the link inside your Mindpower BOOST Dashboard. 
I picked an installment plan, can I change it later?
All memberships automatically renew under the same payment terms you used when you enrolled 12 months after the payment of the first installment. However, if you wish to pick a different installment plan or if you want to pay your year in full, you can contact us 2 weeks before your subscription renews for us to make the change.

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We're Stéph & Shay Schafeitel, and we've been helping business leaders and high performers tap into their unlimited potential, boost their mental toughness, and achieve their Big Effing Goals for over 13 years.

Our work has already positively impacted the lives of over 100 Million people! Our mission now is
to positively impact the lives of 1 Billion people by helping them increase their mental toughness and emotional resilience. We still have a lot of work to do!

That's why today, we're inviting you to the most ambitious project we've ever launched and to enroll you in our mission.

With Mindpower BOOST, you'll get direct access to us, build the mental toughness to confidently achieve your Big Effing Goals, and become the resilient rockstar you deserve to be!

It all starts when you join us by clicking the "GET INSTANT ACCESS" button below.
Get ready to BOOST your Mindpower and join The 1%.

We're looking forward to seeing you on our next Live Mentor Session!

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