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About Kambi

Founded by CEO Kristian Nylén and board member Anders Ström in 2010, Kambi has been a driving force in the sports betting industry for more than a decade, powering some of the largest brands in the gaming space. After quickly establishing itself as the go-to sports betting partner in Europe, in 2018 Kambi made history when processing the first online sports wager in the United States, following the repeal of the country’s sports betting ban. Today, Kambi is the trusted partner to 40+ partners across six continents and is recognised as the provider of cutting edge technology solutions to sports betting market leaders across the globe.


Our latest Quarterly Report

Investment case

Number one sports betting supplier

Kambi is the world’s leading B2B sportsbook provider with a proven track record of delivering sports betting excellence that few can compete with

Scalable and profitable business model

Kambi’s track record of profitability demonstrates how its business model is built to be operationally and cost efficient to deliver growth in operating margin as revenue increases, ensuring it maintains a strong cash flow and balance sheet.

Leader in a fast-growing regulated industry

Kambi has both the market-leading technology and industry knowhow to deliver in what remains a fast-growing market, with the proliferation of regulation across the globe presenting exciting opportunities for the business.

Redefining sports betting experiences

Kambi is pioneering next-generation betting entertainment through the development of AI-driven, third generation trading capable of delivering an exciting and limitless sportsbook experience.

Evolving product strategy to increase TAM

The provision of high-quality standalone services and an open platform will significantly expand Kambi’s addressable market, with a product portfolio that will appeal to all operators regardless of their strategy or where they are in their lifecycle.

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