We take joy in working with great people who can help us build the best possible product and the most entertaining sports betting experiences. The key to this is an open and honest environment where we support each other to excel. We push Kambi forward to be leaders and innovators.

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We have relentlessly high standards. We rise to the occasion and never settle.


Speed in business matters. We are brave and take calculated risks.


We can achieve great (things) together with an atmosphere based on talent, respect, trust and joy.




Five minutes’ walk from Aurel Vlaicu subway station you will find the Kambi Bucharest office. Home to a number of Kambi's technical and operational departments, with IT Development, IT Operations, Sportsbook Ops, Data Services and HR all working together in what is a flexible and fast-paced environment that represents Kambi’s values. Bucharest’s development and data expertise provide a first-class technical platform on which Kambi’s sports traders can produce a highly competitive sports betting offering.


Kambi's London office is considered a trading hub as they host the largest amount of traders anywhere in Kambi's network. Kambi’s corporate functions are also centred in the London office, with legal, finance, sales, strategy and marketing teams supporting the wider business to create a leading sportsbook. This mix offers current and future Kambian’s a dynamic environment which blends sportsbook operations with enabling functions.


As Kambi’s corporate HQ the office hosts employees from across the full spectrum of Kambi’s operations, including odds compiling, customer intelligence, finance and operational projects. Our experienced Malta team operates in a dynamic environment, with continual support provided between departments as they collectively strive to deliver the best sports betting product and service to our clients.


Kambi’s Manila hub houses our support and trading functions, including sports operations, trading, IT development and IT operations. Manila plays a crucial role in enhancing many of Kambi's global operations and ensuring Kambi is able to offer partners unrivalled service.  


Kambi is building a team of industry leading sports traders, sportsbook controllers, risk analysts and commercial functions such as sales and partner success teams. This diverse set of teams and skills create a ‘mini Kambi’, with a variety of key functions operating under one roof, offering sports and market expertise to our growing network of US partners.


The people of Stockholm have a reputation for being warm and open-hearted, and Kambi makes these principles central to how its people go about their day-to-day activities. New starters will find a welcoming and exciting environment populated by talented people, committed to keeping Kambi at the forefront of the sports technology industry.


Arguably one Kambi’s most picturesque locations, Kambi’s Australian office is home to members of the UK and Australian sports trading teams. Kambi Sydney are dedicated to providing a high quality, comprehensive sports wagering product to our partners’ Australian operations.


Five-minutes' walk from the town’s central station you will find Kambi’s Uppsala office. Currently hosting part of Kambi’s IT team, the office is expanding with the addition of development sportsbook operations and corporate support teams.
Bucharest Office

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